Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sapphire Falls Has Rum And We Can’t Wait For The Weekend

Here we are, with the weekend just tantalizingly out of reach, and you drop seven minutes of sublime Caribbean spirits to tease us and remind us that the workday is still here, impeding our ability to mix up a rum runner.
We'll forgive you, though, because man does that drink look tasty.

In its latest video, Universal Orlando Resort takes us inside Strong Water Tavern, located inside Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. Universal only recently cut the ribbon on this fabulous Caribbean-inspired getaway; our own Michael Schottey was kind enough to give us a tour.
While there’s plenty about the resort with which we are enamored, nothing captures our attention like a bar devoted to the sweet nectar of the cane plant: rum.

More than 60 kinds of rum are stocked by the spirited folks at Strong Water Tavern — including a label that’s aged right at the bar. Check out the video below as Universal’s Doug Boemler Wareing pours us a double shot of what to expect:...Read more